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IDEX 2016 Framework Programme

The IDEX LYON 2016 Framework Programme is a collaborative project led by the University of Lyon for the regional development and its potential for higher education and research.

The French National Agency for Research (ANR) and the General Commission of Investment (CGI) have launched a new call in September 2014 to promote the emergence of new multidisciplinary centers for higher education and world-class research clusters.

The IDEX LYON 2016 project is a project of academic excellence, based on the potential of the Lyon - St Etienne site and its territory to strengthen its position among the most recognized universities in Europe and worldwide. It is based on an ambitious academic strategy:
  • An international focus on three main axes identifying the strengths of the Lyon - St Etienne site (BioHealth & Society, Science & Engineering, Humanities & Urbanity)
  • An organisation of the academic communities in Academic Colleges
  • The development of large integrated programs in research and education, based on local strenghts and drawing new ideas with strong prioritization processes