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Research Federations


  "Santé Lyon-Est" Research Federation

The "Health Lyon-East" Research Federation (UMS3453 / US7) gathers, since 2011, teams from the two research centers in canceroloy and neurosciences, together with 14 independant research units and 11 technical platforms. The objective of the Research Federation ‘Santé Lyon-Est’ is to federate the different laboratories of the Lyon-Est campus and to provide access to shared platforms. The Research Federation is also promoting innovative initiatives by supporting scientific collaborations and development of new projects.

  "Bio-Environnement Santé" Research Federation

The "Bio-Environment & Health" Research Federation (FR3728) is a Research Federation gathering several research units from the Lyon scientific community, all dedicated to the understanding of interactions between environmental biology and global health (human, animal or plant health). The member units are interested by the current agronomic concerns, veterinary advances and health of non-anthropogenic environments. Formerly called IFR41 from the CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique), the full name of our Research Federation is ‘Fédération de Recherche Bio-Environnement et Santé’ or FR BioEnviS. Its primary objectives are the management of the technical platforms and the member units' shared resources. It is also to promote transversal research activities inside the federation.

The Biosciences Research Federation

The Biosciences Research Federation (UMS3444 / US8) has the objective to promote a scientific and technolgical politic around the research units of the Charles Mérieux campus (Gerland, south Lyon). The Research Federation gathers 10 units working on the major research domains in Biology. The Federation gathers common means and shared technical platforms divided in 4 competence centers to the biologists, the academic community and industrial partners. The technical platforms are integrated into larger projects certified at the national level.


IFRESIS is a Research Federation in Sciences and Health Engineering created in 2007. The Ifresis Federation is gathering 5 institutions developing innovative approaches in health and medical technologies along 4 major axes : a) biomechanics, materials and biology for substitutes; b) imaging and modeling of cellular and tissue systems; c) healthcare organisation and management and d) industrial bio-environment. Ifresis is gathering 14 research units.


BioSyL is a Research Federation from the University of Lyon. It is gathering around 60 local research teams working on various aspects of Systems Biology (inc. mathematics, physics, informatic, biology, chemistry, humanities and social sciences).

  Research Center and Innovation on Sport

The CRIS Research Federation dedicates its work to sport sciences since 1983, with a constant theorical and epistemological emphasis on pluridisciplinarity. The studies developed at the CRIS are focusing on the analysis of the different levels (micro, meso and macro) and phases (start, implementation and regulation) of motor actions. Research is taking into account the influence of the energetic, motor, decision-making and motivation mechanisms of individuals and their integration in a particular historical and social context.